Eating for the Season

The article below is by a Naturopath we know, Tara Brooks.  She’ll be writing blog posts on various topics of interest from time to time.  Eating for the Season is particularly appropriate following our film screening of The Economics of Happiness on the weekend.   It’s main message was to keep it local, support local markets, producers, farmers and businesses.  This is the way we can maintain our human spirit in the age of rampant globalisation.  And it seems that is is also good for our health!

Eating for the Season

by Naturopath, Tara Brooks

Did you know that nutrients we need most in a particular season are more abundant at that time of the year? Nature is wise and supplies us with more citrus, which is full of immune boosting vitamin C, during the colder winter months and cooling hydrating foods like the melons in the warmer months.

Not only does eating seasonal supply the nutrients we need, but it also reduces the amount of pesticides that are required for growing the produce. Not all of us can afford organic food, although this is ideal, but eating with the season, reduces our exposure to the chemicals and guarantees our fruit and vegetables have not been sitting in cold storage for months, loosing their nutrient value.


Eating local will also be of great benefit. Eating food grown in your local area cuts down on food miles, and supports your local community and farmers. Food that is not in season may have travelled long distances to get to our plates. This can deplete nutrient content and effect vitality and flavor.

Good places to find seasonal fruit and vegetables are at your local farmers market or Organic store. Often farmers markets will offer produce that is chemically free, while not certified organic, making it a little more accessible to everyone.

Have a look at the link below to find your local farmers market and the fruit and veg that is in season this month.

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