Frequently asked questions

flowers-2Q What do I wear to yoga class?
A Please wear light clothing which you can move easily in. The practice is designed to lift your internal heat, so sweating is to be expected! Please bring along a hand towel.

Q How long before yoga class can I eat?
A No less than 2 hrs.

Q Do I have to bring my own yoga mat?
A If you have your own yoga mat it is a good idea to bring your own mat to class.  If you are on a monthly pass you can leave your mat at the studio, if not, please take your mat home with you.  Please take your cotton and rubber mats home for frequent cleaning (at least once a month!!). We do have mats at the studio available for student use.

Q I’m new to Ashtanga Yoga, how do I start?
A Mysore – style classes are a great place to start.  You will need to be able to commit to a minimum of 3 classes per week (buy a 10 class pass and aim to use it within the month). This is essential so you can experience the benefits of the practice. Please go here for further information.
You can also register for one of our beginners courses.

Q Can I come to class when I have my period?
A It is recommended you take the first 3 days of your period off practice (ladies holiday!). After this, it is advised that you refrain from inversions (shoulder stand etc.) whilst you are still bleeding.

Q Do you have showers?
A Yes, there is one shower available for students. Please do not wear lotions or perfume, lotions make skin very slippery when sweaty and perfume is a distraction to others in the class.


Studio Etiquette

  • Please remove your shoes on entering the studio – there is a shelf you can leave them on by the door.
  • Please bring a hand towel with you to class.
  • Please enter and leave the studio quietly, being mindful of those still practicing.
  • Please make sure mobile phone is switched off before entering the studio.
  • Please leave all your personal belongings in the change rooms.

Thank you!

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