Guruji lives here….

I imagine you may have already seen this, but I thought it was worth posting just in case you haven’t!

This is a beautiful tribute to Guruji.  It captures the impact his teachings have had on so many lives around the world and the amazing dedication of our global yoga community which I feel is a direct result of our teacher’s lifelong dedication.  Guruji was a simple man who followed his convictions and did what he loved…taught yoga.  There were no airs or graces, he just wanted to share what was close to his heart.

When I was in Mysore in 2008 (Guruji was 92) Sharath and Saraswati (his grandson & daughter) were trying to encourage Guruji to rest as he had been unwell.  He would sit at his desk in his office from where he could see out into the practice room.  Sometimes he would wander to the door and you could tell that he wanted to be giving adjustments and connecting with the students.  One morning, Guruji wandered over to the door and saw someone waiting for final back bending, it was too much, he carefully made his way across to the person.  From the other side of the room I heard “Appa!!” (grandpa!!),  Sharath was telling him to go back. Guruji signaled to the student to continue (You go!), the student was a little perplexed but he followed Guruji’s command and completed his backbending with him.

Guruji’s spirit lives on as we continue to come to our mats and practise what he taught.   I miss him!Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.15.34 PM