Moon days

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2017 Moon days

*no early morning Mysore practice on these days*

Full moon: New moon:
12 January – Thursday 28 January – Saturday
11 February – Saturday 27 February – Monday
13 March – Monday 28 March – Tuesday
11 April – Tuesday 26 April – Wednesday
11 May – Thursday 26 May – Friday
9 June – Friday 24 June – Saturday
9 July –  Sunday 23rd July – Sunday
8 August – Tuesday 22 August – Tuesday
6 September – Wednesday 20 September – Wednesday
6 October – Friday 20 October – Friday
4 November – Saturday 18 November – Saturday
4 December – Monday 18 December – Monday

Why don’t we practise Yoga on moon days?

Full moon and new moon days are days of rest in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition.

Through practising Yoga we become aware of our own tendencies and the natural cycles that occur within and around us. Hopefully, over time we are able to function more harmoniously with ourselves and with the environment we live in.

Observing moon days connects us with the functioning of the universe and makes us aware of the effect the universal energy can have on us individually.

The phases of the moon are felt throughout the natural world and humans, being 70% water are subject to the moonâs gravitational pull at different times of the month, giving rise to different energetic experiences.

The full moon is a time of heightened energy, of strength and abundance. It is likened to the end of the inhale when the upward force of prana is at its fullest. Whilst the new moon is a time of calmness, of introspection, the small pause before growth and expansion. It is likened to the end of the exhale, when the downward force of apana is greatest.

Because of these differences in energies it is advised to take rest from your yoga practice. It is also said that practitioners are more likely to injure themselves on moon days..therefore best to rest!