Portuguese queijadas (little cheese cakes)

For those of you who came along to the brunch post Peter’s workshop you probably tried one of Andrea’s delicious little cakes.  They are divine and I’m happy to say very easy to make.   To the kitchen!

Portuguese queijadas (little cheese cakes) by Andrea Cranstouncheesecakes

350g Portuguese requeijao or other fresh whey cheese (I use ricotta or quark)
200 to 300g light brown sugar (I used 200g)
100g of self raising flour
50g of melted butter
5 eggs
(Optional Aussie touch, 2tblsp golden rum or brandy)
Sift flour & sugar together, then add cheese & melted butter & mix with a wooden spoon until combined.
Mix in eggs one at a time.
Fill patty pans 3/4 full & bake @ 180C until golden. (About 20 mins)