Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Northern Queensland with Karyn Grenfell.

When: 19th – 25th  August 2017

Where: Sanctuary Eco Retreat, Mission Beach, Queensland.


Sunset over Mission Beach

Join us in one of Australia’s most beautiful places. Enjoy a week of relaxation and yoga in Mission Beach, North Queensland. This is a great opportunity to deepen your practice under the guidance of Certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor Karyn Grenfell. During the retreat there will be ample time to explore the beautiful beaches, rainforest, and coral reefs.

The retreat will be held at the ‘Sanctuary’, a unique rainforest eco-lodge in Mission Beach, North Queensland. The week promises to be a great balance of practice and theory…and spare time. There will be Mysore or led practice sessions before breakfast (but not too early!) and most afternoons there will be yoga philosophy, theory workshops and discussion. The afternoon workshops will focus on practical matters such as alignment, breath, dristhi and bandhas with time also given for discussion about some of the philosophical concepts surrounding yoga.

$300 deposit required to secure a place.

There are a variety of accommodation options from shared bedrooms through to singles with attached ensuite.

For further information on accommodation, prices, retreat schedule and how to pay your deposit please click here.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions

2015 Retreat Testimonials:

Entering Cairns airport on Saturday the 29th of August after a week at Sanctuary with Karyn was a shock – so many people, so much noise and too many hard surfaces!!! I hadn’t fully realised until then how much I had slowed down during the retreat. In hindsight it was not so much slow down as becoming more aware of my surroundings and me in them. My mind was content and settled. I didn’t want to rush and I wanted to keep the feelings of the deep green and turquoise of the forest and beach with me.

Sharing the week with Karyn, Tarryn, Maree, Kirsten, Nikhila, Polly and the Rachels enhanced the experience – so lovely to have the time to ask questions, chat and reflect (not to mention, come up with some great t-shirt slogans for yogis…stay tuned).

Sanctuary provided a beautiful and nourishing environment for self-reflection. Sunrise on the deck from the long room before practice each day was pure bliss!!

I was worried that the retreat experience would leave me quickly when I returned to my regular urban life, but I have found this not to be the case, what I observed and experienced remains and when I think of the green and the turquoise I am back on the deck of the long room, and on my mat in the shala. – Andrea Crounstoun

‘…the retreat gave such a great opportunity to escape and give some very overdue attention to my practice… and all in the beautiful Mission Beach rainforest hinterland, it was an ideal winter escape. Thank you to Karyn and the team to enable the workshop to occur, it was lovely to have the opportunity to go. Weeks after and definitely still feeling the benefit. Looking forward to joining everyone again next year..’ – Tarryn Joyce