Timetable & class descriptions


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6-9am Mysore-style (Karyn) 6-9am Mysore-style (Karyn) 6-9am Mysore-style (Karyn) 6-9am Mysore-style (Karyn) 6.30-8am Led* Primary series (Karyn) 8-10am Mysore-style (Tania) 8-10am Mysore-style (Tina)
5.30-7.30pm Mysore-style (Ian) 5.30-7.30pm Mysore-style (Imogen) 5.45-7pm Half Led Primary series class (Tina) 5.30-7.30pm Mysore-style (Imogen)


Rest days

Ashtanga yoga is a daily practice with rest days on either Saturdays/Sundays (traditionally), new moon and full moon days.

See the list of Moon days for 2018 *  and Why do we rest on Moon days?

Please note: morning Mysore classes do not run on moon days but evening Mysore and  beginners courses will run as per timetable. [hr]

Class description

Mysore – style

These classes are traditional method for learning Ashtanga yoga.  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught in this manner out of his home in Mysore, India for 65 years. His grandson Sharath and daughter Sarswati now carry on the tradition. Please note: this is not a 3 or 2 hour class! These classes have a flexible start and finish time, students practice independently, learning the Ashtanga sequence of poses at a pace suitable for them under the guidance of the teacher who gives hands on individual adjustments and verbal instruction when necessary, specific to the needs of the student.  Mysore – style classes are an effective method for learning Ashtanga yoga.

New to Mysore-style/Ashtanga Yoga?

There are two ways to start learning Ashtanga Yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Melbourne:

  1. Enroll in an evening beginners course
    These courses consist of 4 x 1 hr classes. Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of the ashtanga practice and the first few postures of the primary series, with the emphasis on committing the sequence to memory. This is a great introduction to the practice in a structured class format.  Please see the beginners course page for more details.
  2. Come along to Mysore classes.   You just need to be able to commit to a least 2 classes per week.  It is a common misconception that Mysore classes are only for those who “know” the practice. This is not correct!  Beginners are accepted in Mysore – style classes and it is the best and safest environment for the beginner to learn. To begin with your practice will be between 30-45min, your practice time will slowly increase over time. You do not need to know any of the sequence to attend! This will be taught to you one pose at a time and you will receive individual instruction.

The only prerequisite is a willingness to learn and the ability to commit to at least 2 classes per week for a month. Please email us before attending.

*Led Classes (Friday mornings 6.30 – 8am):

The teacher leads the class by calling out the traditional sanskrit vinyasa (movement synchronised with the breath) count for each posture of the Primary Series. The class moves and breathes in unison, it is a powerful and focused class. Led class is very beneficial to focus the mind, connect with the breath, feel the rhythm of the practice and correctly learn the vinyasa count which then helps refine daily self practice. This class is not recommended for complete beginners, but all current Mysore students are encouraged to make the led class part of their weekly routine.

Half Led Primary series class (Wednesday evenings 5.45-7pm):

This class is open to all students.  It will cover all asanas until the middle of the Primary series, (Navasana or Bhujapidasana).  Students are advised to stop at the last pose they do in the Mysore class.


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